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Thibault grew between mother nurse and a saxophonist father. Family musical preferences are more oriented towards jazz, blues, rock’n’roll, even a few French singers like Leo Ferre or Barbara.

Young, Thibault practiced the piano and drums, then guitar when he began composing his first songs.

He began studying law which will lead him to become a lawyer, occupation he exercised in the Val d’Oise. But all his free time was spent composing and writing texts.

For ten years, he performed with various pop-rock bands as a drummer with COX, PRIVATE JOKE, MUMBLY- distributed by the Marsh Marigold Label, and SEASON (S).

He then created his first band A.D.M. who plays his own compositions.

He thus acquired a solid stage experience and become familiar with the arts by performing in various Parisian venues: The Reservoir, Le Baiser Salé, La Fleche d’Or, and at festivals in France and abroad (SOS Racism, Promotion of Francophone Song of MANS, Hamburg, Brussels and New Orleans). This allows him to become familiar with the art world.

Always looking for new musical experiences, he composed and also wrote for different universe of artists like Julia Martin, backing voice of Menelik, or Taly Heavy Blues Band, composed film scores (“Melting pop” and “L School Heroes “of Darside Ossey) and launched more recently in the production of albums (FOUX,” The dance of the men, “2011; Jon Roniger, New Orleans, 2013). These collaborations allow it to soak up the artist’s sensibility to create an original musical universe.

In 2011, he designed and produced the first album of BREMEN, a duo he formed with his wife, Coralie. Their first album, Ephemeral, is more intimate and full of sensuality and electro sounds. It is also an album of maturity with more personal lyrics. With it, he presents with subtlety and delicacy 14 songs, 14 scenes of life as so many cinematic sequences. These songs are about love, of course, children … but also hot topics, according to its concerns. He worked and saved the party home with his girlfriend but he is also surrounded by friends technicians, musicians who now form his musical family. She helps and supports so that the same confession of Thibault, his passion became his main activity.

Also, always looking for new and now expatriated in New Orleans, he now wants to trace a path towards new horizons…