La Petite Stage

La Petite Stage

La Petite Stage hosts numerous acts over the years, ranging from children’s music, to instrumental performances, improv, theater, Atelier presentations, comedy shows, and imaginative play. La Petite Stage is a relaxing and enjoyable setting for both adults and children alike.

2023 Schedule:

11:30 AM
Jack Donovan & students

12:15 PM
Storyteller Camille

12:30 PM
“We’re Shooting a Movie!” EB Theatre students

12:30 PM
“We’re shooting a movie!” EB Theater Students

3:00 PM
Light Skulls

3:15 PM
Hip Hop Atelier

3:30 PM
Shanda & DJ Juju
Dance Party

3:45 PM
Thibodaux Bros.

4:00 PM

4:15 PM
Majek Fingers
Magical Experience